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Cancer Training Program

  • Daniel Donoghue, PROGRAM DIRECTOR
    Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptors (FGFRs) in human cancer; interaction with NF-κB signaling.
  • Karen Arden
    Cancer genetics, pediatric tumors, transcription factors, signal transduction.
  • Michael Burkart
    Natural product synthesis/biosynthesis, chemotherapeutics.
  • David Cheresh
    Vascular biology, angiogenesis and tumor invasion.
  • Michael David
    Biological function of Interferons.
  • Jack Dixon
    Protein tyrosine phosphatases (PTPs) and their roles in cancer.
  • Steven Dowdy
    Regulation of G1 cell cycle progression; macromolecular anticancer therapeutics.
  • Napoleone Ferrara
    Biology of angiogenesis and the identification of its regulators.
  • Seth Field
    Phosphoinositides in signaling, membrane trafficking, and the regulation of cell growth.
  • Frank Furnari
    Signaling, pathogenesis and therapeutic resistance of malignant glioma.
  • William Gerwick
    Discovery and characterization of new anticancer-type natural products from marine algae and cyanobacteria.
  • Gouri Ghosh
    NF-ΚB structure/function; mechanism of RNA synthesis and processing.
  • Christopher Glass
    Regulation of macrophage gene expression in human cancer.
  • Kun-Liang Guan
    Phosphorylation, signal transduction, tumor suppressor, mTOR, TSC, Hippo.
  • Silvio (Jorge) Gutkind
    Protein engineering, structure, signal transduction, G protein-coupled receptors, G proteins.
  • Tony Hunter
    Signal transduction pathways in cance and genomic integrity.
  • Trey Ideker
    Genome-scale measurements to construct network models of cellular processes and disease.
  • Tadeusz Molinski
    Novel antiproliferative natural products from marine organisms; synthetic medicinal chemistry of proapoptotic small molecules.
  • Alexandra Newton
    Signal transduction pathways in cancer.
  • Clodagh O'Shea
    Using adenovirus and oncolytic viruses to understand and treat cancer.
  • Amy Pasquinelli
    Role of non-coding regulatory RNAs in development and disease.
  • Bing Ren
    Understanding the fundamental mechanisms controlling gene expression in mammalian cells.
  • Tannishtha Reya
    Signaling pathway regulation in stem cells and in cancer.
  • Michael Rosenfeld
    Nuclear mechanisms of gene expression in development and disease.
  • David Schlaepfer
    Cell Migration, Integrins, Invasion, Metastasis, Signal Transduction, Tumor, Tumor Invasion.
  • Dionicio Siegel
    Organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, reastion development, natural products.
  • Deborah Spector
    Herpesviruses: molecular and cellular biology, pathogenesis, and cancer.
  • Roger Sunahara
    Protein engineering, structure, signal transduction, G protein-coupled receptors, G proteins.
  • Susan Taylor
    Structure and localization of cAMP-dependent protein kinase; protein kinase structure/function.
  • Judith Varner
    Tumor microenvironment: tumor inflammation, angiogenesis.
  • Geoff Wahl
    Signal transduction pathways; identification of cancer-initiating cells.
  • Jing Yang
    Genes and signaling pathways responsible for tumor metastasis.
  • Huilin Zhou
    How cells sense and respond to DNA damage.