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Cancer Training Program

All Cancer TG faculty mentors are members of the Moores UCSD Cancer Center, with appointments in Chemistry & Biochemistry, Biological Sciences, or the School of Medicine. Our program also incorporates faculty from the Ludwig Cancer Institute and the Salk Institute.

Name/Contact Info Research Topics

Daniel Donoghue (Program Director)

Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptors (FGFRs) in human cancer; protein ubiquitination in MM and lympohoma.

Jing Yang (Co-Director)

Professor, School of Medicine (Pharmacology)
The Yang Lab

Genes and signaling pathways responsible for tumor metastasis; EMT

Michael Burkart

Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
The Burkart Lab

Natural product synthesis/biosynthesis, chemotherapeutics; spliceosome inhibitors.

David Cheresh

Professor, School of Medicine
The Cheresh Lab

Integrins in vascular biology, angiogenesis and tumor invasion; JAK inhibitors.

Michael David

Professor, Biology
The David Lab

Biological function of Interferons.

Neal Devaraj

Assoc. Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
The Devaraj Research Group

Biomimetic chemistry, molecular imaging, chemical biology; proapoptotic ceramides.

Jack Dixon

Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry/ School of Medicine
The Dixon Lab

Protein tyrosine phosphatases (PTPs) and their roles in cancer; secreted phosphoproteome.

Gen-Sheng Feng

Professor, School of Medicine
The Feng Lab

Biomarkers in hepatic cellular carcinoma; hepatocarcinogenesis.

Napoleone Ferrara

Professor, School of Medicine nferrara@ucsd.edu

VEGF in tumor angiogenesis alternative; tumor angiogenesis and metastasis

Seth Field

Professor, School of Medicine
The Field Lab

Phosphoinositides in signaling; membrane trafficking,; GOLPH3 as an oncogene.

Frank Furnari

Professor, Ludwig Cancer Institute/School of Medicine
The Furnari Lab

Signaling, pathogenesis and therapeutic resistance of malignant glioma; EGFR mutants in GBM.

William Gerwick

Professor, School of Medicine

The Gerwick Lab

Discovery and characterization of new anticancer natural products from marine algae and cyanobacteria.

Gourisankar Ghosh

Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry gghosh@ucsd.edu

NF-ΚB structure/function; mechanism of RNA synthesis and processing.

Christopher Glass

Professor, School of Medicine
The Glass Lab

Regulation of macrophage gene expression in human cancer; PPARs in cancer.

Kun-Liang Guan

Professor, School of Medicine
The Guan Lab

Phosphorylation, signal transduction, tumor suppressor, mTOR, TSC, Hippo.

Tony Hunter

Professor, Salk Institute/Biology
The Hunter Lab

Signal transduction pathways in cancer and genomic integrity; discovery and function of P-Tyr; the kinome.

Alexis Komor

Assistant Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
The Komor Lab

DNA damage and repair; base-specific genome editing

Tadeusz Molinski

Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry/School of Medicine

Novel antiproliferative natural products from marine organisms; synthetic medicinal chemistry of proapoptotic small molecules.

Alexandra Newton

Professor, School of Medicine
The Newton Lab


Signal transduction pathways in cancer; PKC as tumor suppressor.

Amy Pasquinelli

Professor, Biology
The Pasquinelli Lab

Role of non-coding regulatory RNAs in development and cancer.

Bing Ren

Professor, Ludwig Cancer Institute/School of Medicine
The Ren Lab

Fundamental mechanisms controlling gene expression in mammalian cells; single cell GMB analysis.

Tannishtha Reya

Professor, School of Medicine
The Reya Lab

Signaling pathway regulation in stem cells and in cancer; Musashi in pancreatic cancer.

Michael Rosenfeld

Professor, School of Medicine

Nuclear mechanisms of gene expression; epigenomic and transcriptional regulation in cancer.

David Schlaepfer

Professor, School of Medicine

Cell Migration, integrins, invasion, metastasis, signal transduction, tumor, tumor invasion; ovarian cancer.

Dionicio Siegel

Associate Professor, School of Medicine

Organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, reaction development, natural products.

Roger Sunahara

Professor, School of Medicine

Protein engineering, G protein-coupled receptors and G proteins in cancer

Susan Taylor

Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Professor of Pharmacology
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
The Taylor Lab

Structure and localization of cAMP-dependent protein kinase; protein kinase structure/function; PKA translocatons in cancer.

Judith Varner

Professor, School of Medicine (Pathology)

Tumor microenvironment: tumor inflammation and angiogenesis; immunosuppressive myeloid- derived suppressor cells.

Geoff Wahl

Professor, Salk Institue/Biology
The Wahl Lab

Signal transduction pathways; identification of cancer- initiating cells; extrachromosomal oncogene amplification; p53 in cancer

Dong-Er Zhang

Professor, School of Medicine (Pathology)
The Zhang Lab
Molecular basis of cancer development, progression, and treatment; AML1-ETO in human leukemia.

Jin Zhang

Professor, School of Medicine (Pharmacology)

Spatiotemporal regulation of signal transduction; MAPK and AMPK pathways in tumorigenesis.

Huilin Zhou

Professor, Ludwig Cancer Institute/School of Medicine (CMM)
The Zhou Lab
Cellular responses to DNA damage; quantitative phosphoproteomics; checkpoint regulation.