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Investigations of SR Protein Kinase1 Interaction with ASF/SF2 in the Treatment of Leukemia

Jacky Ngo

Appointment Period: 2003-2006, Grant Years: [19,20,21]

Jacky NgoI have been working towards understanding the molecular features of SR protein kinase 1 using x-ray crystallography. I investigated several crystal structures; apo-SRPK1 and SRPK1/ADP binary complex and SRPK1/ADP/peptide ternary complex. In addition to crystallography, I performed extensive mutagenesis and functional analysis of SRPK1. My structure has led to the discovery of how SRPK and Clk/Sty, a splicing kinase in the nucleus, coordinate in regulating subcellular and subnuclear localization of SR proteins. One manuscript made the cover of the October 7, 2005 issue of Molecular Cell! Using crystals of SRPK1 bound to full length ASF/SF2, my final project was identify conditions to obtain large diffracting crystals and determine the molecular structure of the complex. This will be the first structure of kinase bound to a native substrate.

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