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A novel TEF factor cloned

Daniel Drolet

Appointment Period: 1993-1994 / Grant Year: [09]

During the period on this training grant I made considerable progress toward fulfilling our original goals. These goals included: (1) Completion of a functional gene targeting facility for the development of mouse lines with specific mutations in one or more developmentally important transcription factors. This goal has been achieved as we have successfully obtained germline transmission of two different ES cell clones each harboring a separate disruption of a transcription factor. The analysis of these mutant mice should help to determine the developmental role(s) of these transcription factors. (2) Completion of the characterization of the murine gene encoding thyrotroph embryonic factor (TEF), a PAR-bZIP transcription factor. (3) Determining the developmental ontogeny of expression of hepatic leukemia fac tor (HLF), a PAR-bZIP transcription factor. By in situ hybridization anal ysis we have already established that HLF, like TEF, is expressed in the rostral portion of the rodent anterior pituitary gland. Furthermore, we have identified several specific brain regions which express high levels of HLF mRNA. We have begun to examine the potential interaction of TEF and HLF in regard to their effect on transcription of pituitary target genes. This work will be continued in the laboratory.

PUBLICATIONS (resulting from this training, and some recent ones)

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