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Drug Discovery using Cell-Free 'Meta-biosynthesis' of Pyrrole-Imidazole Alkaloids

E. Paige Stout

Appointment Period: 2011-2013, Grant Years: [27,28]

E. Paige StoutPyrrole-aminoimidazole alkaloids (PAIs) are structurally diverse natural products from marine sponges of the genera Agelas, Stylissa, Phakellia, Axinella, Cymbastella and Hymeniacedon. Sceptrin, an intriguing dimeric C2-symmetric cyclobutane, exhibits a broad range of biological activities,2 including antimicrobial and antimuscarinic properties, and inhibition of motility of a variety of cancer cell lines.2c Agelastatins A and B are potent antitumor agents; 2a inhibits cultured KB nasopharyngeal tumor cells (IC50 0.5-1 ug.mL-1), suppresses osteopontin-mediated malignant transformation by beta-catenin inhibition, and inhibits glycogen synthase kinase (GSK-3b). MCC-001, a PAI isolated in our lab, inhibits the wnt-beta-catenin pathway; a validated cancer target. For the past four years, we have been evaluating an antitumor PAI, agelastatin A - obtained in our laboratory from extracts of Cymbastella sp. in murine models of chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL, IC50 ~50 nM). 

It is widely accepted that complex PAIs are biosynthesized by sponges through permutations of reactions (cyclization, oxidation, etc.) of three simple building-block PAIs; hymenidin, oroidin and clathrodin; that also occur naturally. We propose to expand an exciting new concept of 'meta-biosynthesis' developed in our labs in the past 4 months, and demonstrated by cell-free synthesis of non-natural chlorinated analog 4b from synthetic dichloroclathrodin. Harnessing the biosynthetic potential of enzymes in Agelasidae would facilitate synthesis of libraries of non-natural agelastatin analogs for evaluation in preclinical antitumor models. Cell free extracts of Agelas conifera, Stylissa caribica and Cymbastella sp. will be used for preparation of non-natural PAI analogs and evaluation in tumor models. Non-natural PAIs prepared by 'meta-biosynthesis' will be assayed against cultured cell lines to select suitable candidates for further evaluation in murine models of CLL. Multiplexed 'meta-biosynthesis' of PAIs will be undertaken with variations of substrate 3 (R=CN, NO2, F, etc) to produce electron-rich and poor agelastatin and MCC-001 analogs. Meta-biosynthesis with Cymbastella sp. enzymes will be investigated in attempts to prepare nonnatural agelastatin A-like PAIs. Lead compounds generated through this highly innovative approach to natural products discovery will be prioritized for evaluation in murine models according to potency and PK properties.

PUBLICATIONS (resulting from this training)

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Other publications (prior to Training Grant appointment):

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